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Health Magazine

Sweet treats!

Food Network Magazine

“This Mother's Day, you can swap the usual candy and flowers for a present that's both in one; seed-bearing lollipops. The candy company Amborella Organics makes lollipops in flavors like peach-marigold and strawberry-basil-- with biodegradable sticks that contain herbs and flower seeds. After Mom finishes the lollipop, she can plant the stick in soil and expect sprouts in eight weeks.”

Garden Design Magazine

“Are you looking for a gift for the avid gardener in your life? Here are books, pottery, tools and more we know they’ll love.By Genevieve Schmidt & The Editors
Finding a thoughtful gift for a loved one can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! Here are our favorite gardening gifts—curated from the pages of Garden Design magazine.”


“Suck on this, then plant the stick in your herb garden.”

So Yummy

Daily Mail

“If you have a sweet tooth and are also a sucker for environmentally-friendly products, this may be your new go-to candy brand. Amborella Organics specializes in organic lollipops, which are made from organic and vegan ingredients and come in flavors like Vanilla & Hibiscus and Sage & Marshmallow. But the joy these treats provide doesn't end when the sugar's all gone: Each lollipop stick is made with plant seeds, which can be put directly into soil to grow flowers and herbs for a garden.”

Chicago Tribune

“Ace is such a classic American brand that is known for quality, so we're very interested in this opportunity.”


“We’ve never asked that much of our lollipops, but now we realize how foolish we’ve been. Amborella Organics has engineered a gourmet lollipop that serves a higher purpose—even higher than surprise gum at the end.”


LittleThings, The Daily Glow

Click on the image above to watch the full interview & see our holiday DIY!

Confectionery News

“Sensory reminder of a memory...”

NowThis News

Red Tricycle

“These lovely lollipops from Amborella Organics make a Tootsie Roll pop look downright boring. Not only are they offered in unique flavors such as vanilla & hibiscus, rosemary & mint, peach & marigold and more, but each one also contains an heirloom seed (inside the biodegradable stick!). Your little ones can enjoy their treat—made with natural dyes BTW—and then everyone can plant their sticks with care. When it’s time, the seeds will produce a flower or herb!”

NYLON Magazine

“Blow Pops have nothing on these babies.”


“perfect for handing out to a slew of friends this holiday season.”


“Candy sales in the United States are expected to reach over $38 billion by 2020. As cravings for sugar surge, so does the demand for more naturally sourced sweets. California based company Amborella Organics has created a lollipop that is both sweet and sustainable.”

Slow Flower Journal

When florist Tammy Myers of First and Bloom was planning her Valentine’s Day pop-up on February 13 & 14 on the HQ campus of a major Seattle-area online company, she searched for cool add-on products that were in alignment with her “From America, With Love, ethos.”

Central New York Magazine

Meetings + Events Magazine

“Amborella Organics lollipops are as eyecatching as they are environmentally friendly. Planners can even work with Amborella to craft co-branding opportunities and custom flavors.”


The Shift Creative

Girls on Food

“For the environmentally conscious
Seed Bearing Lollipops
Finally, a candy you can truly feel good about indulging in...”

Urban Outfitters

Valley Scene Magazine

“Holiday Gift Guide”


“We went from shopping in-store, to shopping online to shopping through text! Kate Myers, and Kelly O'Malley from Shop or Not joined us to discuss how they allow customers to shop simply by text and to show us some artisanal candy from makers all around the country for Halloween.” Thanks for the shoutout, Kate & Kelly! Click the link above the watch the video.

News Whistle

Into The Row

“Earlier last month, TechStyle held a private event for the press and influencers in Soho. I attended in between shows and enjoyed the intimate experience overall. Brands who were there included A Genie's Dream, Amborella Organics, The Baked Bouquet, Kind Snacks, and The Ultimate Cuff to name a few. Each brand had something unique to offer and it was exciting to see.”

Hawaii Bride & Groom Magazine

il floricultore

Stroller Traffic

Raleigh Magazine

Phoenix Home & Garden


“From this lollipop, you will have a plant if you plant it.”


“This magical company, Co-owned by Brennan Clarke and Taylor Morgan, created organic lollipops that you can plant and grow more lollipops.

Jk, they didn’t do that. But they do something close.”

RIP & TAN by Jenni Kayne

“For lunch, we kept it simple and sweet, serving tea-time toasts and finger sandwiches with a variety of toppings; ricotta and strawberries, egg salad, and cream cheese and cucumbers. For sweets we served a mixed berry salad, mini fruit-filled tarts, and macaroons. For Ripley’s cake we used recipe from Candace Nelson’s “The Sprinkles Baking Book” using colorful natural sprinkles for decoration. It was simple, beautiful, and so delicious. The kids also had Amborella Organics Seed-Bearing Lollipops, the sticks of which are filled with seeds to grow herbs in the garden.”

Drunk Magazine

“Where does the brand see itself in the future?

We see ourselves continuing to grow and bring as many people together in the garden as possible. We see a world that’s more sustainable and connected.”

Greenhouse Product News

“If you’ve paid any attention to social media, you can visually see the explosion for yourself, as edible-related posts represent one of the fastest growing segments on hubs like Instagram and Pinterest. Here you witness daily how people have taken herbs well beyond the garden and well beyond the kitchen. In fact, just a quick romp through Instagram reveals a staggering array of herbal applications, which is quite surprising.”

Rodale's Organic Life

“These beautiful organic lollipops from Amborella Organic Lollipops aren’t anything like the Dum-Dums I grew up with. Instead of the artificial colors and flavorings, they’re made with pure cane sugar, natural colors from vegetables and spices, organic extracts, and hints of herbs like rosemary, lavender, and lemongrass. But what’s even cooler is that the lollipop sticks are filled with heirloom seeds (which correspond to the flavor of your lollipop!), so you can plant them right in the ground when you finish your treat! I’m thinking of hosting a party just so I can buy these for favors!”—Rebecca Straus

Garden Collage Magazine

“In keeping with earth-friendly approach, each of the lollipops is based in botanics, with plant-centered flavors like “peach & marigold” and “lavender & lemongrass”, which are appealing to children and adults alike. (If you’re not convinced, know that Amborella Organics is partnering with top lingerie brand La Perla to serve their champagne & roses lollipops at a Women’s Day fundraising event.) The pairings are sophisticated, a boon to grown-ups (who may enjoy lollipops but don’t want to eat blue raspberry) and a way to expand children’s palettes.”

Orange Coast Magazine

“Enjoy an Amborella Organics herb- or flower-infused lollipop, then plant the biodegradable stick, with corresponding seed, in your garden. We like the Lavender & Lemongrass ($2.25). At Anthill ShopNplay, The Hive & Co., and” Featured in the March 2017 issue of Orange Coast Magazine.

OC Weekly

“Enjoy A line of yummy lollipops with flavors like vanilla-hibiscus, lavender-lemongrass, and peach-marigold that each beautifully distill their advertised flavors. Long-lasting, not too saccharine, and just plain cute...”