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How it works

  • Purchase a Seed-Bearing Lollipop (Made w/ Organic Flavors, Hints of Herb, and/or Edible Flowers)
  • Devour Said Lollipop
  • Bust A Move (If You So Choose)
  • Gather Loved Ones
  • Plant the Biodegradable Stick (Made of Recycled Paper) in Soil Horizontally
  • Water Daily (Rain Capture Technology Encouraged)
  • Wait For The Seed to Germinate (The Seed Corresponds w/ The Flavors in Your Lollipop & Germination Can Take Up to 12 Weeks!)
  • Once It Sprouts, Use the Herbs in Your Kitchen, Edible Flowers in Your Salad, Develop Art Projects, or Use as a Garnish
  • Take Photo's Of This Process & Upload to Social Media w/ the Hashtag #eatplantlove