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Garden Gummies SOUR

The first 100% recyclable gummy pouch to hit the market! Our botanical gummies are vegan and contain 0g of sugar. 80g per pouch ~ approximately 20 gummies ~ in the shape of bee/butterfly/daisy/sunflower! 

Flavors: Sour Blood Orange & Elder Flower, Sour Vanilla & Hibiscus, Sour Strawberry & Basil, and Sour Peach & Marigold. A nod to existing seed-bearing lollipop flavors, of course, but with a slight bite for those who dare to eat sour!

Ingredients : Allulose*, Chicory Root Fiber*, Pectin, Sodium Hydrogen Malate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavorings*, Vegetable Oil and Sunflower Lecithin (For Coating), Natural Colors (From Fruits & Vegetable Extracts). *Certified Organic Suppliers 


What is Allulose? Naturally occurring in fruits like figs and raisins this is a non artificial sweetener that replaces cane sugar. 

Prebiotic fiber you say? Yes! We use chicory root fiber in our gummies which is in the dandelion family. It’s been cultivated since ancient Egyptian times. 

Vegan? You bet! No gelatin in these gummies and the chew is plush.