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Ranger Zak Gift Pack: 50% of Proceeds to Salazar Family

The Salazars are longtime friends of our founder, Brennan Clarke. When Zak, an Orange County park ranger launched The Ranger Zak Show in 2021 we were thrilled. Zak and his wife Cori produced, filmed, and edited educational content for kids about insects, fossils, worms, seeds and so much more. Amborella was a part of their seeds episode! Born from their love of nature, want for their daughters to consume better content, and for their own sanity. (I vaguely remember Cocomelon songs imprisoned in their minds.)

The show came to a pause as Zak and Cori had their third daughter and soon thereafter Cori was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The same week Cori returned back to work Zak was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer. It's an unfathomable circumstance and Amborella wants to support by donating 50% of proceeds from the Ranger Zak Gift Pack to the family. Thank you for your support in doing so.

You will receive 1 Grow Kit ( this contains our best selling Garden Lover's 8 Pack + terra cotta pot/saucer) and 1 Permission to Pause: Immunity Entourage 3 Pack (these contain positive affirmations on the stick). 

These are the Salazar's daily affirmations: Together we can do hard things, It's OK to ask for help. 

PS: Shout out to Pearl the squirrel. She is on the show and made us laugh!